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Podiatrist Deann Hofer Ogilvie has a commitment to healthcare that extends beyond conventional treatment; she is dedicated to considering the comprehensive well-being of patients and recognizing the significance of lifestyle and emotional aspects in the health of the foot and ankle. She provides care for a diverse age range, from children to the elderly, and handles a spectrum of conditions from heel pain, ankle pain and discomfort to fractures, ingrown and fungal toenails, preventative diabetic foot care, and more. Specializing in sports medicine with an emphasis on early intervention and rehabilitation.

Known affectionately as “Dr. Dede” by those she has treated in Denver and Boulder, she now offers her services to the Lafayette, CO community, drawing on years of specialized training in podiatric surgery and a reputation that makes her a trusted consultant for second opinions.

The philosophy of her practice is comprehensive, targeting the underlying issues of foot ailments to achieve sustainable health outcomes. She integrates lifestyle changes into treatment plans, which might include dietary adjustments or herbal remedies, to foster lasting wellness.

What distinguishes Ascend Foot & Ankle Center is our dedication to service and accessibility. We prioritize a personal touch with every interaction, ensuring that our patients never feel overlooked. We believe in a direct-pay system that affords more personalized healthcare free from insurance constraints, emphasizing the importance of patient-practitioner relationships in fostering real change. We are committed to being available and attentive to my patients, ensuring they feel valued and understood.

At Ascend Foot & Ankle Center, we welcome both longstanding patients and newcomers alike, inviting them to step toward reclaiming the active, fulfilling lifestyle they cherish. Contact us today to embark on your journey to better foot and ankle health.

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Our office operates under a self-pay system and does not accept insurance. For more information about self-pay, please click here.

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